Tuesday, June 20, 2006

England already qualified for round two, nevertheless with a Swedish born coach, this game brings another story to the World cup. The story of a Swede, coaching the English against his native country. He is trying to break the Swedish record of not loosing against England, for thirty-eight years.
The fans are up for it, thousands are singing, 'God Save the Queen'.
But God did not save Owen in the third minute, when he lands with his legs bend like a limbo-dancer.

"It just buckled in on him," says the commentator when Owen's knee snaps and he is left crawling off the field.
Lampard, meanwhile, tests the waters with a shot of long range, it goes only two feet wide.
Back at the ranch, Medics take Owen, with a stretcher, off the battle to the field hospital. Sven needs to send in Crouch, to replace Owen.
I hope the English human soccer recourses are not depleted by injury.
England needs to regroup and Sweden gets a taste of the ball. The back of an English defender blocks a shot, from short range, on goal.
England defends sternly, and regains back control.
"England turns it around again," says the commentator while Cole dribbles the ball into the Swedish box. Seconds later a shot blasts over the crossbar. England is in charge while the commentator speculates on the drawings of lots, for the second place.
"If England wins by two, Trinidad and Tobago win by one, and if Trinidad and Tobago score one more goal then Sweden, then we draw lots," he says.
Sweden takes a shot at the English goal in the twenty first minute, but the free kick from twenty-five meters on the far right, bends over the goal.
"Intended for the far post," explains the commentator.
Cole, a player for England, accepts the ball in the thirty forth minute with his chest. This first touch gives him total control over the ball, and he volleys the ball with his right foot from a distance of twenty meters. The ball shoots over the wall, but bends down towards goal. The Swedish keeper touches the ball with his fingertips, in a dive to the corner. Still the ball dips into the top right corner of the goal.


"A spectacular goal," says the commentator. With his praises, the first half finishes.
"This is lovely soccer," he says at the beginning of the second half while England opens the attack. "England totally dominating the possession."
Still all the commentators’ praises could not prevent the Swedish from striking back. Sweden stuns England with a fast counter.


"Sweden is playing England off their socks," now the commentator has to conclude.
Sweden sends the ball high in the backyard of the English penalty box. A striker heads it back to the front yard, and a volley recoils off the crossbar.
In the eighty first minute, Beckham sails a free kick, from twenty-five meters, high over the crossbar.
"He hasn't been on his game," says the commentator .
Gerard, of England, is on his game. The substitute sees a cross coming from the left. He jumps, and pushes his shoulders back, sticking his neck out. His hands are balled when his forehead connects with the ball and fires it onto the Swedish goal.


"God saves the Queen," echoes from the stands.
Sweden needs a draw, and they know it. They press forward and get lucky in the end phase.
A loose ball bounces into the back of the net.


"Both sides will be celebrating tonight."